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  • Professionally designed 29 page guide teaches the boutique owner how to master the art of the flat lay through clarity in branding, aesthetic, and easy to follow step-by-step processes.
  • Includes downloadable PDF with 3 available downloads and NO expiration date
  • Included are three worksheets to help you gain clarity around your brand, as well as numerous examples of props, backgrounds and editing.

The Flat Lay Formula Will Help You


Master the Flat Lay

Learn step-by-step how to piece together a flat lay that aligns with your brand including what props to use, how to get the best lighting, and editing your photos.


Up-Level Your Branding

Get clear about your brand with three worksheets that will help you build or rework the foundation of your brand and ultimately improve your flat lay style.


Increase Online Engagement

Tired of the algorithm? Boost website traffic and social media engagement with flat lays that stand out and align with your brand's aesthetic