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Middle of Nowhere Graphic Tee | Sizes S-3X


    I grew up surrounded on 3 sides by corn fields, just down the road from our family farm. Through college, and my travels, the question of where I'm from came up often. "Illinois!" I'd say, followed by a quick, "oh, Chicago?!"

    "Actually, four hours south of the big city. Down state."

    "What city is it by that I would know?" They would ask.

    "Nothing, really...It's kind of in the middle....of nowhere." 

    And I wouldn't have it any other way!

    "Middle of Nowhere" is durable enough for a day of errands, stylish enough to wear out on a small town Saturday night, and soft enough to sleep in. Featuring a relaxed unisex fit and added length.

    How it Fits: Unisex. Your favorite relaxed fit tee that doesn't hug too tightly. It's a little longer than your average tee. But we don't make average tees.

    Feel: Buttery soft blend of cotton, rayon and polyester that makes this tee soft enough to sleep in

    Color: Gray Triblend with white graphic

    Graphic Tees for Small Town Lovin' Women Who Are Proud of Their Small Town Roots

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