Are you STRUGGLING to create a cohesive look on social media...?

Do you feel like you could use HELP with clarifying your brand...?

Are you struggling with LIGHTING, PROP PLACEMENT, and EDITING...?

If you're screaming at your screen, "YES, YES, YES!" Girl, I feel ya!

You're too busy being the CEO to research ALL the things...

I know how you feel. Like there aren't enough hours in the day...

Being a boutique owner comes with a constant feeling of overwhelm and trying to learn ALL THE THINGS. You're Kelly in HR, Harry the Janitor, Susan in bookkeeping, and Jonathan in Customer Service.

Girl, I've been there. You know that mastering the flat lay will propel your brand and business forward, but what gives?

Let me help you...

In my four years owning an online t-shirt boutique, flat lays are my #1 best performing post type on Instagram and Facebook.

There's no question that creating flat lays in your boutique is a valuable tool in your marketing toolbox.

I've put together a step-by-step guide that not only walks you through how to create a flat lay (including props and editing), but you'll also dig in deep into your branding through three worksheets so you can create content that aligns with your brand's aesthetic.


Who is this for?

The Flat Lay Formula was created for the boutique owner who

  • Feels like she's been struggling with creating a cohesive look on social media
  • Has limited time available and appreciates investing back into her business
  • Feels like she could use a little help with clarifying her brand
  • Struggles with lighting, prop placement or editing of flat lay photos

Master the
Flat Lay

Learn the step-by-step process how to piece together a flat lay that aligns with your brand including what props to use, lighting tips, and editing tools.

Up-Level Your Branding

Get clear about your brand with three worksheetsthat will help you build or rework the foundation of your brand and ultimately improve your flat lay style.

Increase Online Engagement

Tired of the algorithm? Boost website traffic and social media engagement with flat lays that stand out and align with your brand's aesthetic


Being a boutique owner comes with a constant feeling of overwhelm and trying to learn ALL THE THINGS.

The Flat Lay Formula was not only created to help you gain more clarity about your branding so you can start creating a consistent look across social media but to also walk you through the step by step process of how to piece together the perfect flat lay for your brand.

Short on time? No worries!

The Flat Lay Formula was created with the busy boutique boss in mind. It is organized like a guide with oodles of photos and bullet points (perfect for skimming on the go!)

When you purchase the Flat Lay Formula, you'll have at your fingertips:

  • 3 branding worksheets to help you clarify your brand
  • numerous background examples
  • the ultimate flat lay checklist
  • layering techniques
  • apparel placement guidelines
  • editing tips
  • step by step instructions to master the flat lay

So, if you're ready to up level your flat lays, catch more customers' attention, and drive more traffic to your website, click the PINK button below to purchase and download the Flat Lay Formula now.