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About Us




Hey there, Small Towner. It's your fellow small town (t-shirt) gal, Kari Jo. 

First and foremost, you should know this little tee biz is located in Macomb, Illinois. I do the designing and have the tees printed locally in small batches. No overseas scam website here!

This little tee biz started way back in 2016 in a micro sized Texas apartment. I had just graduated veterinary school in 2015, and suddenly needed an extra $600 per month to fly home for a sick family member. So what does a newly graduated veterinarian working 12-14 hour days and no business experience do? Start a side hustle of course! 

What I wasn't expecting was that I would fall in love with this business and lifestyle. When I'm not working at the clinic as a veterinarian, my days are filled with creative planning, shipping orders, and completing online courses (I'm a huge nerd, duh!). 

And when I'm not working on the business, I'm taking Dolly, a 1978 Avion camper on the road to see YOU.


You can read more about Dolly's story here. Maybe we'll see you at a market or two?!


Let's keep in touch! Follow along with the adventures of Dolly + Kari Jo on our IG @rosebudstees or on our Facebook Page

- Kari Jo