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Hey there, Small Towner. It's your fellow small town (t-shirt) gal, Kari Jo.

You're probably here because you had a hard time finding graphics you relate to. And I feel ya!

There's only so many tees about pizza and brunch that fit in my closet ya know?!

I grew up in the middle of a corn field, so we ordered our pizza from the gas station in town. And the only brunch happening in our county was on Easter Sunday.

Maybe you can relate...

What I really wanted was a graphic tee that represented ME. So I set out on a little adventure to make my own graphic tees.

Cue a million and one Google searches. That's right. This lil' business was founded based on two months of Google searches and YouTube videos. 

And what a journey it has been! 

From starting my career as a veterinarian in Texas in 2015, to moving to Illinois in 2016, this little t-shirt business has followed me across several states.

Speaking of traveling, I made a new addition to Rosebud's in April 2020. Her name is Dolly and she's a 1978 Avion camper. Read more about Dolly's story here. Maybe we'll see you at a market or two?!

Anyway, here we are, settled in West Central Illinois where I practice small animal medicine + design t-shirts for small town lovin' women who are proud of their small town roots.

Currently, I design all the tees and have the tees printed locally in Bushnell, Illinois. Each tee is brought to our office in Macomb and then shipped straight to your doorstep. 

Let's keep in touch! Follow along with the adventures of Dolly + Kari Jo on our IG @rosebudstees or on our Facebook Page

- Kari Jo