About Us




Hey there. It's your fellow small town (t-shirt) gal, Kari Jo.

You're probably here because you had a hard time finding graphics you relate to. And I feel ya!

There was a time when our only choices for a graphic tee were western or mainstream. I ain't completely western and I sure ain't mainstream. There's only so many tees about pizza and brunch that fit in my closet ya know?! 

Ugh. The struggle was reallllll.

So I set out on a little adventure to make my own graphic tees. 

And what a journey it has been! 

From starting my career as a veterinarian in Texas, to moving to Illinois, this little t-shirt business has followed me across several states. And here we are, settled in West Central Illinois where I practice small animal medicine + design t-shirts for small town lovin' women. You know they say you can't have your cake and eat it too...well I call Bull...