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Rosebud's Tees Logo Tee


You can spot a small town by it's rusty old water tower, peeking up above the trees waving a welcome "hello," as passer-bys drive down the highway. I've always been fascinated with these old water towers. They've seen their town evolve. Grow. Shrink. They've seen it all. 

When you wear the Rosebud's logo tee, you're a warm, welcoming small towner who shouts "mornin'!" at your paper delivery person. You drink coffee or tea on the front porch. You take the back roads to town. You take pie to your neighbor just because. You breathe light into your small town.

How it fits: Unisex. Your favorite relaxed fit tee that doesn't hug too tightly. It's a little longer than your average tee. But we don't make average tees. 

Feel: Heavy weight Comfort Colors tee that is 100% garment dyed cotton

Color: Ivory with Pink print

Graphic Tees for Small Town Lovin' Gals Who Are Proud of Their Small Town Roots