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December 20, 2021 1 min read

Have you been waiting to start….

A class? A Hobby? A Book? A course? A workout routine? A business?

I have good and bad news. Let me break the bad news to ya first. 

You’ll never feel ready.

When I started Rosebud’s, I was working 60-70 hours a week at the clinic. And if I would have waited for my life to slow down before starting a side hustle, I wouldn’t have Rosebud’s today.

The good news is:

Your journey doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s! You can start small or start ugly. Because starting ugly > not starting at all. 

I was managing the early Rosebud’s website in 15-60 minutes a day, and just between you and me, the designs were UGLY with a capital U! Except for the Hippie Cow, she was cute…

The truth is, you aren’t going to be great at anything in the beginning. It’s going to feel like a circus the first few weeks. You may even feel like an imposter. Whether you’re being a beginner in a course, starting a fitness journey, or launching your own business, starting ugly is better than not starting at all. 

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