Who is "Rosebud?"

Kari Kelso

Posted on March 06 2016

Who is "Rosebud?"

My name is Kari Jo, and I am a twenty-something dreamer/ farmer's-daughter currently living near Austin, TX.

Every morning, I drink my coffee (out of my Pioneer Woman’s floral print mug of course) on my patio with my golden retriever, Ryder, at my feet.  My full time job involves caring for animals of all sizes and species, while my hobbies include creating artwork and reading self-development books. Other days you  can find me paddle boarding on the lake or cruising “topless” in my Jeep. I also recently discovered the amazingness of a good Sunday brunch and dollar mimosas (holla!!).

That's me in a Nutshell.

Rosebud was 53, when I met her for the first time. She was a stylish mother, wife of a farmer, sister, entertainer, and now grandmother. (Did I mention lover of whiskey and water?) Throughout my childhood, I would spend entire afternoons at her house painting with watercolors, attempting to memorize Beauty and the Beast pieces on the piano, and writing creative stories and reading them out loud to her. Not only did she fuel my creativity and sense of adventure as a young girl, she taught me how to embrace it. 

 As I grew up, she instilled in me important life lessons that I have carried with me through all these years. Now that I've named this new adventure after her, it's only fitting that I share these lessons with you

1) Never spit in front of anyone, better yet—don’t spit at all!

2) Talk to everyone, there is always something to say.

3) You can never write too many Thank You notes

4) Wine is good for your health

5) You can always find a reason to have a dinner party

6) Always be a lady

7) Be careful blowing out candles on a birthday cake, nobody likes a cake that's been spit on. 

8) And her favorite piece of advice, "Never marry a farmer--marry rich!"


Thank you to all of you for the continuous support and encouragement. 

 We shall meet again soon.


Kari Jo 





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  • LIsa: March 07, 2016

    KariJo. Your Grandma is so proud of you. A few weeks ago, when I first read the name of your new venture, I smiled with so many memories flooding into my mind. Your sense of adventure reminds me so much of her. There seemed to be nothing she would not attempt to try. My Dad has always told stories of the fun he had with your grandma and Aunt Connie when they were in school. I remember your grandma always with a smile and “possibly” a whiskey and water or wine. ;0) She was in her element when entertaining and I have memories of parties at their home in town and at the Lake. Remember those life lessons she has taught you. They ROCK, as do you! Have fun with your new adventure. Rosebud is the perfect name.

  • Carla Snowden: March 07, 2016

    Kari Jo, your collection is just as inspiring as you are! Your passion for creativity and your keen fashion sense comes through in each of your designs. You are the true prototype of a young entrepreneur being able to turn your passion into a business! And of course I will be sharing your story with my current students. Congratulations!

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